Armando's Voted 2019 Best Pizza Pie

2019 - Armando's Voted 2019 Best Pizza in Windsor/Essex County

Best of Windsor Essex - 2019 Best Pizza Pie - Armando's Pizza

Armando's Boneless Chicken

2019 - NEW! Boneless Chicken Now Available!

We are very happy to announce that each of Armando's Pizza locations is now offering Boneless Chicken! This is a premium chicken product and we are very excited to have it on our menu. In case you were wondering, this product is sometimes called "boneless chicken wings", but since that is a trademarked term, we have to refer to our offering as simply "boneless chicken"

Try our new Boneless Chicken today!

2018 - Armando's Best Pizza in Canada

2019 - NEW! Vegan Pizza Menu

We are excited to announce that Armando's Pizza on Cabana Rd. has launched a new Vegan Pizza Menu with 7 new vegan pizzas. These pizzas have been designed by our corporate pizza chef, Dean Litster, and are definitely not your typical vegan or vegetable based pizzas.

Check out the new menu here: Vegan Pizza Menu

2018 - Armando's Best Pizza in Canada